Hartford machine quality is much better than Korea and Japan-This is from our customer’s compliment

A: Why do Hartford products obtain more stability and durability?

From research and development to shipment, all machines are under strictly inspect procedures.
  1. Research and development process control:
  2. Production quality control:
    Capability of 95% in-house production. All key components made by Hartford
  3. Material quality control:
    CMM Coordinate measuring machine-spindle, headstock, ATC, angle head, motor base and bearing housing.
  4. Assembly process quality control:
    Scraping craftsmanship-50 years of accumulated experience in scraping craftsmanship & assembly
  5. Finished product quality control:
    Laser inspection/Dynamic circulatory system check-All using state-of-the-art measuring equipment, assuring zero defect before shipment
  6. Application software control: Hartrol-Hartford controller, Hartnet-Remote management, remote diagnosis ICT and Dual- screen-Intelligent software for HMI and management.

B: Guaranteed Performance through Rigorous Quality Inspections

  1. We have high-tech laser management system for inspection. Hartford is able to meet precision standards such as JIS B6330, JIS B6338, VDI 3441, MIL-I-45208A and ISO 9001.
  2. 100% Inspection by coordinated measuring machine-Critical components: Machine head, spindle, ATC unit and so on
  3. 100% Inspection before entering assembly line-All components
  4. 100% Laser inspection before shipment
  5. 100% Ball bar inspection before shipment