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Hartford 8 critical technologies

AFC-Automatic Feedrate Contro

When machine is under heavy cutting, the most vital criteria are efficiency and tool life. The workprice might be a bit irregular even though you set the feed rate. This is because of its uneven surface with thin and thick parts.
For thick areas, the feed rate should be reduced for better tool lifetime. For thin areas, the feed rate should be increased for greater efficiency. AFC is designed with PLC system that controls the spindle electric current to adjust the feed rate. By using AFC function, the operation efficiency can be increased by at least 20% (Depending on the operation condition you set). Traditionally, it needs another well- trained operator.

APS-Advanced Program Support

This function provides some common patterns such as face milling, hole machining and others. By using the graphic conversion chart, this function can make NC code, machining procedure simulation, machining after saving and many more. If the operator is not familiar with NC code, this function can create and manage it. 2.5D CAM is only suitable for ordinary machining (Not 3D mold)

ACD-Advanced Collision Detection

You have to specify your workpiece dimesions, clamping fixtures, tool and some other details to let the CNC machine calculates the working area. Then, when the X,Y and Z axis are approaching the collision site, an alarm message will appear and the machine will be stopped immediately to avoid any collision. When the operation is doing workpiece calibration or workpiece dimensional inspection, ACD can assist and prevent collision.

FTT-4 Linear Ways with 3 Faces Binding Technology

Z-axis linear way features three-surface binding to wqualize stress on Ma,Mb and Mc, providing maximum loading capacity on three directions of linear way. It improves loading distribution on Ma, Mb, which is usually occurring on a two-surface binding for vertically mounted linear ways. The Z-axis casting is reinforced by radiant ribs, combined with three-surface binding on linear way. It features outstanding heavy cutting capabilities and greatly upgrades cutting loads on X-axis and Y-axis directions.

MTM-MachiningTime Management
UAC-Universal Angular Head with CTS Function
STB-Spindle Thermal Balance System
ISS-Intelligent Spindle System

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